Yazan Tarifi

Software Engineer

Applications Developer (Mobile, Api, Static Websites)

Applications Developer Portfolio Website

A code-minded front-end software engineer focused on building beautiful interfaces & experiences and Convert Ideas, Design To System With Frontend Side (Android Apps, React Websites) also The Backend Side With (SpringBoot, Ktor, Nest.js) Always Trying To Build Tools To Help and Improve My Work

All of My Open Source Projects is Available on my Github Account, My passion is to learn everything new and learn different programs and programming languages to create large projects with Several Languages

Github Account
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This is List of Some Services I Build most of time

Frontend Side

Android Development

Firebase, Bintray, MVVM, Single Activity Apps, Jetpack Component , Room Database, ADB Terminal, Fragments, Custom Views, Multi Modular Apps, Google Play Console, Android Profiler, Leak Canary, Maven Central

Backend Side

Web Apps

AWS Deployment, Digital Ocean, Nginx Load Balancer, Mysql (RDS), S3 Storage, Firebase, Socket IO Via Nest.js, Laravel, Spring Boot

Frontend Side

Web Development

Eslint Code Management With Airbnb Style, Webstorm, VSCode , Reusable Components, React Hooks, Mixins Queries In SASS Styles, Material UI


Tools Development

Jenkins, Fastlane, ADB, Photoshop, Design Simple Animations In After Effects To App Splash Screen, Git, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Linux Terminal

Frontend Side


Design Application Interface , Logos With Adobe Photoshop, After Effects For Simple Animation (Beginner Level), Adobe XD


Plugins Development

Build Gradle Plugins for Android Applications, Build IntelliJ Plugins to Communicate With Android Devices Via ADB, Fastlane Plugins


I Spent Most Time Building Things Using This Technologies To Know About Every Single Thing Inside Full System

Android Development

Build Android Apps With Java, Kotlin, Gradle DSL, Dependency Injection, Material Design, Jetpack Component, RxJava, Kotlin Coroutines, Multi Modular Apps, MVVM, Firebase

Backend Development

Build Restful Api With Java, Javascript, PHP Using (SpringBoot (Java, Kotlin), Nest.js, Laravel) Based on Json Response, Auth, Mysql, NoSql

Web Development

Design Websites With React.js, React Hooks, Axios, SASS, Eslint, Next.js For SSR, SPA, PWA, JSX, Typescript, Javascript (ES6+), Mobile Responsive, Static Site Generation (Next.js)

Tools Development

Build Gradle Plugins For Android, IDE Plugins, CLI's To Execute Environment Jobs Depends on OS With (Kotlin, Ruby, Groovy)